Each of us is a Bringer of Light

Posted: 12/20/2013

by Vie Thorgren

It has been a challenging few weeks. We have celebrated the life of Nelson Mandela and grieved his loss. More recently, we have once again been confronted by a school shooting. We all share the concern for the young woman critically wounded and for every family impacted by the violence. In the midst of the darkness, the loss and the anxiety of these weeks, I am grateful that each of us can be a bringer-of-light!

It's been said that there will never be another leader like Mandela, at least not in our lifetime. This is true if we look from the perspective of the uniqueness of his personality and life experience. If, however, his life has penetrated us in any way, then each of us has absorbed his spirit and leadership and each of us is a bringer-of-the-light that he poured out in the world.

Anytime we greet others with warmth and a smile, we foster a spirit of light. Whenever we truly listen to others, we give the gift of light. Our choice to forgive rather than hold a grudge creates a glow that emanates beyond our immediate circumstances. Sharing stories of inspiration and challenge instead of workplace gossip is a form of leadership that unites and energizes. Acknowledging and fostering the gifts of our children, our neighbors, or our co-workers lights more sparks, the warmth of which touches others. Every time we spend our money, our energies, and our talents in ways that give life, build unity and care for creation, we are overcoming the darkness with light.

During this season I thank you for your daily courage. As you confront fear with goodness you are engaging in acts of heroism. When I think of you, I feel the warmth of the light. I am not only encouraged, I am emboldened to love more, share more, risk more! Let's all continue to shine! In the words of Marianne Williamson often quoted by Nelson Mandela, "As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same."


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