Did You Know?

Colorado's prison population grew 604% since 1980 while the population of the state grew 59%. The Department of Corrections budget is $703 million up from $70 million in 1985. Currently 45 people a day are admitted to prison in Colorado. Sixty-five percent of incarcerated women are mothers of children under 18.

This reality has drastic effects on the next generation. Children of incarcerated women are 5-6 times
more likely to become incarcerated
than other children who live in poverty but whose mothers were
never incarcerated.

Making Choices is making a difference:

  • Since its beginning in August 1999, Making Choices has mentored more than 700 women.
  • Nearly 90% of the women who complete Making Choices successfully re-enter society, remain crime free and become contributing citizens.
  • Without Making Choices, only 48% of women offenders successfully re-enter society.
  • It costs Colorado taxpayers $40,000 per year to incarcerate one woman.
  • It costs the Center for Spirituality at Work $1,400 to mentor one woman.
  • Given our success rate, Making Choices saves Colorado taxpayers over $1 million each year.
  • Making Choices volunteers have assisted the mothers of more than 2,500 children in making the effective changes necessary to provide stable homes, making it less likely that their children will end up in prison in the future.


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