Getting On the Move for Making Choices

Posted: 7/10/2012

During the month of August, we will be having fun and raising money with On the Move for Making Choices. Our Making Choices mentoring program teaches and mentors female offenders in essential decision-making and life skills and fosters personal responsibility.

Tammy's story showed me just how important Making Choices is. With a serious drug problem, she had been in and out of prison numerous times for 25 years. Then she enrolled in Making Choices. As a result of the skills she learned and the mentoring she received, she successfully re-entered community, reconnected with her children and brought to stability to their lives.

Why should you or I care about supporting the Making Choices program? Most incarcerated individuals (over 90%) will be released back to the community. Statistically, more than half return to prison within three years after release. Their children are 5-6 times more likely than other children to become offenders themselves.

Women who participate in Making Choices demonstrate a dramatic difference. Ninety-two percent of the women mentored through this program remain successfully in the community because they have the decision-making skills and mentoring support to make the kind of choices that are based on personal responsibility and that foster a stable family. Their children are less likely to get caught up in drugs and crime.

So now you know why I'm participating in On the Move for Making Choices. I like being able to make a difference for children and families. I hope you will consider joining us by exercising or sponsoring someone who is working out.

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