Second Responders

Providing Soul Care through Loss, Grief, and Trauma

Responding to a Need

Natural disasters like floods and fires destroy neighborhoods, displace people and contribute to individual and community suffering. Community tragedies caused by accidents or intentional acts of violence affect individuals and the community on the soul level.

These traumatic events call for a response of care beyond initial emergency assistance. The emotional and spiritual issues continue to surface and to require support over a period of years.

Who are Second Responders?

Second Responders are experienced spiritual directors with special training in trauma and the ability to companion others through loss, grief and transition. They are a team of volunteers committed to the soul care of individuals impacted by tragedy. They respect the value system and spiritual perspective of people they companion. They provide listening support and a safe place to explore the spiritual questions during recovery from tragedy.


Spiritual directors interested in volunteering as part of the Second Responders team must meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of a formation program for spiritual directors
  • Regular ongoing participation in spiritual direction for their own soul care
  • Demonstrate capacity to work as part of a team and interface respectfully with our partner agencies
  • Display good personal life-balance including a self-care routine
  • Exhibit compassionate care for others supported by appropriate professional boundaries
  • Provide professional and personal references from individuals who have known them at least five years
  • Complete the application process and interview with the leadership team
  • Commit to ongoing learning and training
  • Participate in Second Responders supervision group
  • Have a cell phone, computer access and personal transportation
  • Be willing to make a twelve-month commitment following orientation and training


Please contact us in you are interested in learning more about becoming a Second Responder.

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